., ICPECE 2017

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Endang Rusyani, Toni Yudha Pratama

Building: Mitra Hotel, Bandung
Room: Nusantara 1
Date: 2017-12-06 07:00 AM – 05:30 PM
Last modified: 2018-04-13


Cognitive development of mathematics, especially simple calculation is the important development aspect, and its functions act as prerequisite of cognitive math development. However in its implementations the calculation is not based on the prerequisite skills. This research is triggered by the real conditions of learning in the field in which it does not show the expected results. Therefore, this research is aimed to improve the learning which enhance the basic skill through constructive play. The method used in this research is mixed method which was carried out by action research. The research findings showed: (1) teaching program base on constructive play improve basic math skills, (2) the learning programs has significant impact on the acquisition of student learning outcomes, they are provenĀ  by the increase in each cycle and criteria for the success of this research, 71% of the total number of students, control 75% of the material provided. In conclusion, scaffolding learning through constructive play has impacts on improvement of basic math skills.. These findings are essential to the evaluation of the development policy of the academic field in kindergarten group B will enter elementary school. For advanced researchers, this is the roadmap to conduct research with a more representative sample


scaffolding, constructive play, basic math skills

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